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How long does it take before I receive my Research Chemicals?

After we have received the payment, we will ship your package with Research Chemicals within 24 hours. How long it takes before you receive your order depends on the chosen shipping method. We strive to deliver your package in the Netherlands within 48 hours after payment. For delivery times to other countries, please contact our support team.

We ship products from different sites depending upon the type and location of products ordered. Our main location is located in the Netherlands. For privacy reasons we cannot give the exact details. We hope for your understanding

Typically, all customers receive an email confirmation when they place the order and when their order is dispatched. If you haven’t received the email yet, make sure to check your junk and other’s inbox. Additionally, you can also log in to our site and confirm the status of your delivery.

It depends on your location. Typically orders within the EU take about 72 hours. However, the shipping time is extended from 2-21 business days if you are residing outside the EU.

Express shipping is only available through the postal service right now.

We cannot tell you exactly how we ship the Research Chemicals. But we guarantee anonymous and discreet packaging. In addition, we are 100% sure that we have the most original and fun packaging in the business. We also do not put labels on the inside of the package. This way you can open your packages with peace of mind.

We have a reshipping policy for orders within the EU. If your package was shipped through a traceable method or if it does not arrive then we can simply reship it after 21 days. Note that you will not be eligible for reshipping if the package was not registered tracked or your package was detained by customs due to legal reasons. Reshipping is only a one-time opportunity wherein, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the legalities of receiving orders to your respective country.

We use unregistered air mail as the standard mode of shipment. Note that orders outside of the EU are shipped at the customer’s own risk and are not subjected to the reshipment policy. Other regions that are not covered by our reshipment policy are Australia, Romania and Russia.

It is the customer’s responsibility to track their package with the tracking id provided to them. We do not follow up on the courier service before the 21-day period.

You can log in to your account to check your order status and tracking information. You will be sent an email that your order was shipped, with tracking info (if optional). Please check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder in case you cannot find the email in your regular inbox.

In the rare event that your order hasn’t reached you within 21 business days, you’ll qualify for a free re-ship (insured tracked orders only). To qualify for the free re-ship please follow these steps:

  1. Open the mail from the shipping service and report the package as missing.
  2. When you have received the confirmation of the shipping service, send it to our customer service.
  3. After receiving the confirmation, we will send a new shipment the same day.


Kindly note that if your shipment is confiscated by customs—due to your negligence of the local laws—you will strictly not be qualified for any refund or re-shipment.

All reships are sent by Airmail with no tracking or insurance.

We DO NOT offer a reshipping service to the following countries as they are classified as high risk: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, or any country outside the EU.

Due to the stricter customs policy, you will be ordering at your own personal risk.

No, we ship orders from Monday to Friday. Orders are not shipped on weekends. All orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

If you have placed an order on a weekday (Monday to Friday), it will be shipped the same day. Orders placed on Friday after 17:00 will no longer be shipped the same day. Orders placed on Friday after 5:00 PM, Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Monday.


Have you already received my payment?

We work with an automated system. As soon as we have received your payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation from us. Please make sure the order number of your order is stated in the subject of your payment.

If you have not received an email from us within 48 hours:

  1. Check your spam box
  2. Check if you have added the order number to your payment
  3. Send a screenshot or payment confirmation to customer service.

We offer several secure and reliable payment options such as direct bank transfer and crypto.

When you have placed an order you will receive an e-mail from us with the bank and payment details. It is important to take immediate action yourself and transfer the amount to the account number of Chemistry Bay. Pay attention! Always state the order number in the description. When we have received the payment, you will immediately receive a payment confirmation from us. This is an automated system. If you do not immediately receive an email, the payment has not yet been processed. Always check your spam box of your e-mail.

Our payment methods are based on your convenience and feasibility. We offer three widely used methods i.e., bank transfers, bitcoin and prepaid card payment.

You should contact your card issuer for this issue. We at The Chemistry Bay do not accept pr decline payments unless your card issuer gives us the status of decline or acceptance. You should call your card issuer to authorize your payment first in the case, you are trying to do an international purchase. Kindly note that all such limitations can be because some credit cards are configured to be used at home only thus, international transactions are automatically declined.

No we do not accept PayPal payments

Yes at The Pirate Bay we accept different types of cryptocurrency for purchasing Research Chemicals.
For example, we accept:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dai
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USD Coin
  1. Firstly check your bank account if you have not received a refund, and confirm that you’re right.
  2. Then contact your credit card company; it is possible for some delay before your refund is officially posted.
  3. Next, contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is approved.

Once you’ve ensured the carrying out of all the procedures and still have not received your refund, please contact The Chemistry Bay customer service.

  1. Our online ordering system makes use of the latest technology to secure encryption. All personal data and credit card information is submitted with the highest level of security. Please note that we do not store any payment-related information and erase them from our system according to your request.

    Please also read our Privacy Policy.


I have ordered the wrong item by mistake, can it be replaced or returned?

We advise you to thoroughly check your requirements before placing an order. If you have placed a wrong order, contact our customer service immediately to replace or cancel your order. Due to the nature of our business, all purchases are final. Thus, if your order is already processed or delivered, it cannot be taken back.

In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong product(s), please notify us immediately so we can arrange an exchange or store credit to re-order with. This will be processed as soon as we have received the confirmation of the shipping of the incorrect product(s).

ALL sales are FINAL due to the nature of the business. Once your order has left our facility, you will not qualify for any refund or return.

It is not possible to return products. Therefore, check carefully whether you ordered the right product before you pay.

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Is it possible to cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order by clicking on the “cancel” button. Please note that this only applies to orders payment has been done. Orders for which you have sent in payment are considered as purchased orders.

This means that we have not yet received your payment. Please finish your payment within the next 7 business days.

In case you made the payment already, please send in a ticket with a copy of the proof of payment attached.

Once we have received and confirmed your payment, we are processing your order after. Your purchase will be shipped as soon as possible.

Your order has been shipped. Please note the following:

  • If you have requested Regular Mail as a shipping option, we do not have to provide a tracking number as this type of mail has none.
  • If you have requested Registered Mail as a shipping option, we will send you a tracking number via email. You can also log in under My Account to find your tracking number there.

You have placed an order with us, though we have not received payment within 30 days. After this period of time, we automatically cancel your order. If you did send in payment, please notify Customer Service by sending in a ticket.


Why have I received an email asking for more information in the name of “Security check”?

It is an automated email in order to avoid any fraudulent purchases from the site. We might ask new customers to provide and prove their identity if their order surpasses € 1000,-. Similarly, if we notice that the order pattern of a specific customer has changed, we will put the order on hold until security confirmation. For instance, if you usually order products worth € 50,- and suddenly you place an order for € 500,-, then we will wait until a security confirmation is received.

Kind go to My Account on top of our website. After this, you can click on “Lost Your Password?”.

Please send in a ticket with your request and we will remove your details from our system.

You must activate your account by clicking on the link in the registration email we have sent you. Please check your email’s SPAM folder option. If there is no registration email, please contact Customer Service.


Are the Research Chemicals Chemistry Bay sells legal?

We at the Chemistry Bay fully comply with the law and only sell products that are permitted by the Dutch government.

Our products at The Chemistry Bay must be used as experimental chemicals for scientific research purposes ONLY. This must be carried out in well-equipped laboratories settings that abide by the latest standards imposed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Only certified chemists with a proper license can conduct research.  


This class of chemicals has not been tested for human or animal toxicity studies and there is little to no data to understand the possible long or short-term effects.

Our website has a detailed list of all the products available. We strive to stay on top of research and spare no effort to meet the needs and demands of our customers. Our stock is always updated with new products and is always fresh. To receive the latest updates from our company about new products or discounts, you can sign-up for our newsletters from our homepage.

Please subscribe to our newsletter stay updated on our products, prices, and promotions.

The purity of our products has been explained in the product description.

Owing to the constant changes in the EU laws concerning various chemicals, we hereby want to inform you that you are responsible for checking if the product you order can be legally imported into your country. We cannot be held accountable for any legal consequences, and you must fulfill your responsibility.

The products we sell are unregulated in most countries we ship to; however, we are not legal experts. It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the chemicals they order are not controlled in their country, and if they are, they must secure any necessary licenses or permits that may be demanded by their authorities to import or use the chemicals in any way. Feel free to provide us with additional sources on regulative matters concerning our products.

To prevent abuse and to facilitate our customers’ access to legal information, we have launched a database with a collection of several drug and pharmaceutical laws. Please help us to expand this database by sharing links. All the information you will find on this website is without any guarantees and The Chemistry Bay cannot be held accountable for any legal consequences.

  • Continent Europe   info
  • Country Legal Profiles( choose your country)  info
  • Netherlands  info

Customer service

How can I reach customer service?

There are several ways to get in touch with The Chemistry Bay customer service. To get the fastest contact, we advise you to fill in the contact form.

We aim to message all customers within 1 hour. Sometimes it can take a little longer because it is very busy.

As a truly international company, we speak several languages. You can therefore confidently ask your question in your own language. We may sometimes answer in English.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us 364 days a year. We only take a day off at Christmas. We also love a white Christmas 😉